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Portrait model Yasmina Elite Amsterdam
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PORTRAIT photography:


Are you looking for a professional Portrait photographer in Haarlem and the North-Holland and South-Holland region?

For portrait photos, a photoshoot or a photo reportage? 

My name is Maxim Bosman and I have a great love for the art of photography.

With an eye for detail and composition, I work with a lot of passion and deliver tailor-made results.

By concentrating on your personal unique qualities, the goal is always to create something valuable.

I'm doing solo-, double- and group portraits in all different ways. 

These portraits are made in my studio, my mobile studio on location, at your company or at home.


Take a look at my website to see what I can do for you!

Logos combined expertise experience cost

I. My experience:

'Telling a story with the personality of people in a visually pleasing way'

Over the years I've gained a broad experience in Portrait-photography. 

Previous Portrait Clients:

Journals, Magazines- and Bookmakers (Boque 17, Boque 18, Het Parool etc.), Models, Musicians (Lucas Hamming , Alaska Pollock, Marcoustikas etc.),

Architects, Architecture Companies (INBO Architecten, Studio Rap, Brein Architecten etc.) and other types of companies, Artists, Business people and Personal projects. 

I also do a lot of personal projects with people with no photoshoot experience at all. 

And since 2019 I'm working as a photographer-assistent of Alexander van Berge:

An Architectural-, Interior Architecture-, Product- and Portrait Photographer with clients like VT WONEN. 

Logos combined expertise experience cost

II. my expertise:

I'm professionalized in photographing all kinds of portrait genres:

Fine-Art, Business portraits, Lifestyle photography, Corporate photography and Beauty portraits (model portraits).

I love to create art, but I also enjoy shooting commercial such as professional headshots.  

My qualities are: 

- Capturing the unique personality which is emotionally captivating

- Producing high-quality work

- Working in a fun and comfortable way.

Logos combined expertise experience cost

III. Working method

My Photo-studio is based in Haarlem to shoot in but there is also the possibility to work on location with my Mobile Studio. 

I work according to these principles: 


I always aim to produce high-quality projects and set the bar really high for myself. 

Being specialized and staying up-to-date with the technique of the camera, photography and lighting. 

Having an eye for detail and composition and a huge passion for creation. 

Logos combined expertise experience cost


   I) Always working with the client's wishes and ideas in mind. 

  II) What's important for this project? 

 III) How can we showcase this most effectively and creatively?

 - Making CONCEPTS vs working INTUITIVELY: 

Creating ideas/plans but also anticipating and improvise in the moment. ‘Thinking out of the box.’ 

Logos combined expertise experience cost


Create together in a fun, relaxed, focused and passionate, purposefully way.

My goal is to set up a good vibe and uplift others to work and create something worthful together.


Highlight the unique qualities matching with the personality of the project.

Adding something extra/unexpected.

Logos combined expertise experience cost


Creating authentic, personal, professional and high-quality work. 

Logos combined expertise experience cost

More information about my rates: you can receive the quote by e-mail.

For specific questions or requests, I will be happy to assist you.

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