PublicatioN: Bergen de HaaF 

                  Architect: Brein Architecten

project: Bergen de Haaf, Bergen, the netherlands

                                                                          DEC 2018 - book with architecture inspirations

PublicatioN: BOQUE 18 

         by: MKBjournalist / Katja van Roosmalen

 Architect: Tako Postma, Inbo / project: inbo office 


                  Architect: CONTEXTURE ARCHITECTS


nov 2017 - book with architecture inspirations

PublicatioN: BOQUE 17 

    by: MKBjournalist / Katja van Roosmalen

Architect: Wessel van Beerendonk, Studio Rap

          project: The circulair Experience 

Brein Architecten de Haaf 2
Haarlem Spaarne Architecture Scheepmakerskwarter
INBO Architecten Office
Cascais museum Portugal
Rdam De Rdam onder Erasmus brug DSC_0154

ARCHITECTURE photography:

Are you looking for a professional Architecture photographer in Haarlem and the North-Holland and South-Holland region?

Photoshoot of projects, buildings or homes?

My name is Maxim Bosman and I have a great love for the art of photography.

With an eye for detail and composition, I work with a lot of passion and deliver tailor-made results.

By concentrating on the personal and unique qualities of the project, the goal is always to create something valuable.

With a degree in Architecture, I now have extensive experience in capturing the building environment. 

My work has been published in various magazines and websites such as Architenweb, Boque and on countless Architectural Websites.

Take a look at my website to see what I can do for you!

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'Telling a story with the quality and personality of the project in a visually pleasing way'

Over the years I've gained a broad experience in Architecture-photography. 

These architectural projects include: public buildings (offices, museums), private homes (including villa's and farms) and private projects/creations. 

I also have experience in the more luxurious segment of architecture: design offices, special heritage buildings and villa's.  

Previous Architectural Photography Clients:

Architects, Magazine- and Bookmakers (Boque, de Architect, Houtblad), Real estate agents and Private-home owners. 


I also worked for the company TOPR: who does the promotion and visual documentation of projects, buildings and homes. 

Since 2019 I'm working as a photographer-assistent of Alexander van Berge: 

an Architectural, Interior Architecture- , Product- and Portrait Photographer with clients like VT WONEN. 

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ii. my expertise

I'm professionalized in photographing all Architecture facets: the Interiors, Exteriors, Outdoors, Aerial Photos (Drone shots) and Context of the Building. 

My qualities are: 

- Capturing the qualities and personality of the project

- Living Architecture: capturing the interaction that the project has with people and it's environment. 

- The concept: showing the architectural idea(s) of the Architect. 

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I work according to these principles: 

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I always aim to produce high-quality projects and set the bar really high for myself. 

Being specialized and staying up-to-date with the technique of the camera, photography and lighting. 

Having an eye for detail and composition and a huge passion for creation. 


    I) Always working with the client's wishes and ideas in mind. 

   II) What's important for this project? 

  III) How can we showcase this most effectively and creatively?

Creating an ultimate client satisfaction:

By brainstorming sessions before and analysis after the shoot.

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- Making CONCEPTS vs working INTUITIVELY: 

Creating ideas/plans but also anticipating and improvise in the moment. ‘Thinking out of the box.’ 


Highlight the unique qualities, matching with the personality of the project.

Adding something extra/unexpected.


Creating authentic, personal, professional and high-quality work. 

Available tools:

- Camera Canon 6D with multiple lenses. 

- Video camera

- Drone. 

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If you have specific questions or want to discuss to collaborate, write me by e-mail and I'll be pleased to help you. 

For more information click on this link: rates