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capturing their connection and synergetic interactions

BIG Architects Sluishuis 1.jpg

The dynamic play between people & architecture occupies 

the main role in my storytelling

For me as a photographer,

both have to be included to tell

full and rich photographic stories

MXM Studio Spijkenisse woonhuis Brokerhof-14.jpg


the perfect moment: when everything comes together and interacts

Lissabon Maat museum Portugal.jpg
MXM Studio Vlieland Studio BrandVries-9.jpg

Capturing the ‘SOUL’

the personality and qualities in their full essence

MXM Studio Vlieland Studio BrandVries-21.jpg
Floriade 22 Expo 4.jpg
MXM Studio Vlieland Studio BrandVries-15.jpg
MXM Studio Vlieland Studio BrandVries.jpg
MXM Studio Vlieland Studio BrandVries-14.jpg
Italy Cantina Antinori winery 7 goed.jpg
Italy Cantina Antinori winery 1.jpg

Capturing interaction

and rhythm

Contexture Architects Manegen Ede 011 (IMG_5391).jpg
BIG Architects Sluishuis 3 licht.jpg
MXM Studio Vlieland Studio BrandVries-8.jpg
MXM Studio Spijkenisse woonhuis Brokerhof-9.jpg
BIG Architects Sluishuis 2 goed.jpg
Mountain dwelling, Copenhagen by BIG Architects
MXM Studio Vlieland Studio BrandVries-16.jpg


dok architecten logo Zwart .png
dok architecten logo Wit met zwart achtergrond.png
Inbo-Architecten final2 (2).png
Het-parool-logo BW.png
Het-parool-logo red_edited.png
logo-almere zw.png
logo-almere blauw.png
floriade-2022 ZW.png
BREIN-architecten-logo zwart.png
BREIN-architecten logo green.png
CONTEXTURE architects logo zwart.png
CONTEXTURE logo-white-architects (1).png
MKB journalist logo BW.png
MKB journalist logo color.png
Studio Rap logo.png
Studio Rap logo color.png
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IX Architects logo wit zwart achtergrond.png
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nieuwe-logo van grootheest ZW.png
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